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Latest Information from Daniel about the Ambulance
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Newsletter from Daniel .....October 2009

With the assistance of a second hand land cruiser, the people of Kokoda particularly the people from Waju, Gorari, Sisireta,Hovea and Hawaki have had a great big help by the vehicle.....
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Newsletter from Jeff & Dorcas .....August 2009

The past 2 weeks have been very difficult for a lot of people in PNG, Japan and Aust. with the tragic loss of life at Kokoda. Everyone around the local community here Australia wide and around the world  that I have spoken to have expressed there sadness towards the families to those lost and there has been much in every newspaper and television news. .
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Newsletter from Jeff....July 2009 (After his recent visit to the Village) a

Suru Akari (Gyday) from the village of Waju, I have just returned from a quick trip with some success fixing of our vehicle and have made some excellent contacts for the Kokoda Angels.  A Big thanks to Airlines PNG. Manager Nancy for getting me in and out of Kokoda. Supplies to the area are limited still with all supplies crossing the Kumusi River on tyres from Popendetta or flown in at Kokoda....
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Newsletter from Jeff....June 2009

22 June 2009, it has been 12 months since the passing away of Indilah and her unborn child. On behalf of the committee I would like to thank all who have made a difference to the people in the Waju village area for helping to save lives through the Kokoda Angels ‘ambo’ which has transported patients to the Kokoda Hospital.....
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Report from Daniel ....May 2009

Dear Jeff
Here are some of the reports on the Land Crusier and the information about Kumusi river. Firstly, though the land cruiser has quite a bit of work to be done with both doors, starter, alternator and other parts, it is doing a good job taking sick people to Kokoda hospital and other services .The nurse here is on leave and so there is no medical supply, the sick people go up to Kokoda hospital on public transport for medication.  
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Report from Daniel ....April 2009

Hello and greetings to you all.
Jeff I would like to say that the Board of Management, the Head Teacher and the staff, parents and students of Gorari Primary School have been very thankful that you and I have been the channel for communication and information for their visitors from Sydney, Australia.
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Newsletter from Jeff....February / March2009

The Kokoda Angels ‘Ambo’ Ute has been up and down literally before the floods in the last couple of weeks took out the Kumusi Bridge again leaving the ‘ambo’ cut off with the village. It is still rubber tyre crossing with stores and dried cocoa beans for market still and dangerous over the last week again with more rain.
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Newsletter from Jeff....January 2009

Happy New Year to all. The year has started with mixed feelings with plenty happening in January.
Unfortunately my friend in the village, Daniels brother Dunstan, passed away suddenly
from malaria.
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Nurses Report ....December 2008

This is a report for the aid post in the Waju village that was built by the ROTARY
INTERNATIONAL of AUSTRALIA in 1994. Since 2005 to date, there is always been a problem of
medical supply not getting to the aid post.
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Newsletter from Jeff ....Dec 2008

Hello and welcome to the web site and first newsletter of Kokoda Angels. As chairman and on
behalf of the committee I would like to welcome you to this vision of supporting an ambulance
service to the remote people of Papua New Guinea. I would like to thank Lauren for inspiration for
this association her enthusiasm and with her vision to ‘making a difference’ lets hope in a big way
cheers! Thanks also Brian Lee from the Christies Sailing Club for building this web site…. great
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