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In In July 2008..........

Daniel rang Jeff Keough as he does every does every couple of weeks or so with the news about his wife. The news was not good this time

“Jeff, Indilah has just passed away. I am right here with her at the hospital and she has gone, I'm sorry”. We had to hang up. I rang the hospital straight away. “Can I speak to the Doctor please. ‘Sorry sir there are no doctors here we are trying to get our truck to go and get him’. “What about about a midwife? "Sorry Sir no midwifes here and the baby died with the mother. There are no nurses today which is Sunday. I rang Daniel and asked “What happened mate” ‘Malaria, he explained. She had fits in the night which started around 2 o’clock. I hired a bicycle to ride 20km to the nearest truck to hire and purchased the fuel for it to get her to the hospital which was 75km away. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon she had experienced another fit and she passed away. I am now in the process of hiring the ambulance truck to take her home”.

After this incident when another two women had died in the village in similar circumstances we had to try to stop this happening again in the future. We have since set up this web site and registered ‘Kokoda Angels Inc.’ which will allow us to finance this project.