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The following pages will describe the history of the village and its people

Daniels father was NO. 97 of the Papuan Infantry and his stories relate to http://www.ww2australia.gov.au/asfaras/kokoda.html

A record of Jeff’s PNG trips:

A one month trip to the East New Britain province and Volcano town Rabaul, Flew out to a remote area with walkabout saw mill in small plane and set up and cut timber from previous logged tree and built school house for 50 kids

3 years with a mission, built 44 foot catamaran and sailed to most parts of PNG with local crew and mission groups. Daniel Sakiki from the Kokoda Village ‘Waju’ was one of the crew and has been good friends since. Evacuated dozens of villagers on the coast after two Volcanoes erupted at Rabaul Sept. 94 destroying homes and forcing 50,000 people to evacuate and relocate.

A one month trip to the Northern area of Aitape and a trip with Rotary to build school teachers houses after a tidal wave destroyed hundreds of homes and took up to 3000 lives.

A one month trip to the Northern Province to rebuild a hospital ward and restore water supply to the Saint Margaret hospital. Rebuilt TB ward, toilet and shower block.

A two month trip to the Kokoda Village Waju to build the first solar cocoa drier in the province. Going well and still drying cocoa and giving small business opportunity for the growers in the area.

Two years mainly in Port Moresby boat building and met wife Dorcas. We now with three kids.

A one month trip to Waju village for Daniels wife Indilah and baby funeral feast, Died of malaria 7 months pregnant

There will be stories and photos of these trips up on the site soon